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 TRUE Stories from 

Employment Adventures

and Life      

 By Tom  "RoadRunner" Blair-1960

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Tom Blair & The Arizona Road Dawgs Rock & Roll Show 2013

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Tom Blair and his Scooter

Chief of Police in Kenyon Minnesota

"There is a good deal of philosophy in Tom's book, dealing with his many careers and everything from religion to racism, and a lot of humor in his stories.  The book gets serious from time to time, as Tom talks some of his police experiences, his failures and success. It’s well worth reading and a hard book to quit reading once you start." 

John Kolness, Herritage Publications



"Damn, you should write a book" is something that I hear every time I start telling a few "war stories" around friends or relatives. "Who wants to read an autobiography about an unknown person?" I'd ask them. "But you have done so much in your lifetime." In reality, no one wants to read about what I have done because they don't know who I am or what I am about! However,  when I look back at all the things I've done, I realize that there would be entertainment value and knowledge gained from reading about the experiences I have been through. You may not believe some of them, but they are ALL true!

Well, here we go! This is the place where the author of a book usually writes a paragraph dedicating this book to his wonderful wife and kids, whose patience, understanding, blah, blah, blah etc. I won't do that, because my wife knows very well how much I appreciate her for standing by me from one job to another, and another and another (for over 40 years). This also applies to my now grown-up kids who know what it's like to move into different homes and schools on a regular basis. Instead, I'll dedicate this book to the MANY employers across the country that hired me, tolerated me, trained me, profited from my labor, and made me the truly talented person I am today. It is also dedicated to you… the job switcher, and those who have stayed with one boring job forever, plus… the ones who haven't the courage to quit an unfulfilling job and move on.

Before we get to the real adventures in life, I must tell you that I firmly believe that almost anyone with a line of "BULL" (and a desire) can land just about any type of a job they want, doing just about anything they want. With a little study and a lot of confidence, you will soon see that this is possible. There are obvious signs to look for, and sure ways to tell if it is time to start searching for a new career or vocation. I'll cover some of these in the very first chapter.

The events, experiences, and times in this book will not be in chronological order. Who wants to stay in the same place very long? Let's move around and do something different, after all this is NOT an autobiography of a famous person, it is an entertaining account of TRUE stories and experiences of one person who has been there and done that.

Tom "RoadRunner" Blair

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